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According to the provisions of the Himachal Pradesh Town and Country Planning Act, 1977 ( Act No. 12 of 1977), no construction / development activity can be undertaken in any Planning / Special Area or deemed Planning Area without the prior permission of the competent Authority namely Director, Town and Country Planning, Himachal Pradesh. No local authority or any office or any officer or other authority shall, notwithstanding anything 9apps contained in any other law for the time being in force, grant permission for the change in use of land without the permission in writing of the Director.

No Registrar or the Sub-Registrar, appointed under the Indian Registration Act, 1908, shall register any deed or document of transfer of any sub-division of land by way of sale, gift, exchange, lease or mortgage with possession, unless the sub-division of land is duly approved by the Director, subject to such rules as may be framed in this behalf by the State Government.

  • Where the land is owned by a person and the transfer is made without involving any further divisions;
  • where the partition/sub-division of land is made in a joint Hindu Family;
  • Where the lease is made in relation to a part or whole of a building;
  • Where the mortgage is made for procuring the loans for construction or improvements over the land either from the Government or from any other financial institution constituted or established under any law for the time being in force or recognized by the State Government.

No electricity, water or sewerage connections shall be given to any person within the Planning or Special Area constituted under the Act, unless a No Objection Certificate has been obtained by such person from the Director or the Special Area Development Authority.

Provided that the service providing authorities shall disconnect the service connections forthwith of a building or land, in case any deviations from the approved plan or unauthorized constructions is brought to the notice or such authorities by the Director or the officer vested with the powers of the Director.

“apartment” whether called block, chamber, dwelling unit, flat, lot, premises, suite, tenement, unit ,cottage or by any other name means a separate and self-contained part of any property including one or more rooms or enclosed spaces located on one or more floors or any part or parts thereof, in a building, or in a plot of land, used or intended to be used for residence, Office, shop, showroom, or godown or for carrying on any business, industry, occupation, profession or trade, or for any other type of independent use ancillary to the purpose specified above and with a direct exit to a public street, road or highway or to a common area leading to such street, road or highway and includes any garage or room whether or not adjacent to the building in which such apartment is located, provided by the promoter for the use by the allottee for parking any vehicle or as the case may be, for the residence of any domestic servant employed in such apartment;

“building” includes any structure or erection, or part of a structure or erection, which is intended to be used for residential, industrial, commercial or other purposes, whether in actual use or not. However, for the purpose of apartment, building shall mean a building constructed on any land, containing more than eight apartments, or two or more buildings with a total of more than eight apartments or any existing building converted into more than eight apartments;

  • Any area of land comprising of 2500 or more than 2500 square metres of land contiguous divided or proposed to be divided into plots or apartments or building for residential, commercial or industrial including purpose including cyber city, cyber park purpose.
  • Except:-
    • Family partition by way inheritance or succession without a motive of earning profit.
    • Earmarked by a factory owner for housing colony for his employees or labourers.

Any individual, Firm, Company, Co-operative Society & Association of Persons, who constructs/causes to construct a building consisting more than eight apartments or sets up/causes to set up a colony over land having area of 2500 or more than 2500 square meters for selling purpose.